Books, Authors and Artists, or BAA, is the publishing division of internet marketing KY, LLC. profile photo-2 by alexandra -FB sizeThe BAA division publishes multiple types of works, such as E-books, books, papers and monographs.

Specializing in book publication of selected authors, new and previously published, whose works carry a message in an entertaining way and with captivating style.

Our primary publishing venues are CreateSpace, an Amazon printing company, and Amazon USA and worldwide. We use both online and offline marketing strategies. Books, Authors And Artists follows the partnership publishing model. Essentially BAA advances most publishing and some of the marketing costs and time. The author furnishes some of the publishing costs and most of the marketing.

Third Quarter 2014 Catalog (PDF, 31 pages)

BAA uses both paperback and e-book formats for publication. This method is an affordable way to publish and market various types of materials all over the world while enabling authors to effectively reach a targeted audience without limitation and with quality works. E-books have become very popular in the literary community because of their low cost and high level of convenience. They are much more affordable to the consumer than conventional publication methods and they are instantly available to the reader.


Once a book has been submitted for publication with BAA, it usually takes 16 to 26 weeks for the publication process to be completed and the book to become available to the public. The project goes through several stages before publication. Special care is dedicated to the proofing process, which is the first step of quality assurance, and formatting. Artwork and graphic designs are submitted, formatted and inserted. Finally, the various different formats are published.

Published ebooks and paperbacks:

Books, Authors and Artists is looking for writers, artists and written works to present to the world. Authors may apply to BAA for publication services or simply inquire about what we can offer. Please use this site’s Contact Us page. We would like to encourage artists and writers alike to continue creating and expressing ideas that challenge the mind, entertain and educate us all.

BAA invites you to visit our site regularly to see “what’s new” as we strive to make great works accessible to everyone. We would love to talk with you about your goals as a writer and how we can help you reach them. Contact us today and thank you for visiting us.

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