Liat Binyamini Ariel

Liat is an Israeli illustrator, paper maché artist and teacher.

Her preferred creative tools are watercolors and paper, brushes and pencils. In her illustrations, she occasionally combines collage, mixed media and creative layouts.

The gentle realistic style of her drawings led her to illustrate many classic stories, such as Oscar Wilde’s “The Happy Prince” and the “The Selfish Giant, William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, and a compilation of stories by Hans Christian Andersen.

Liat also illustrated many classic Israeli children’s stories and textbooks, as well as a series of traditional Jewish children books that are still in distribution throughout the United States and Europe. Since she began illustrating in 1978, Liat illustrated more than 200 books, textbooks and other publications.

In 1996 Liat received a professional diploma in art education and puppetry from the Art College of Beit- Berel. After her graduation, a new artistic path opened for her, and she began teaching creative arts, puppetry, and illustration to children and adults, using paper maché and mixed media.

In 2002, Liat continued her education with sculpture and woodwork studies at De-Anza College in San Jose, California. Since her return to Israel in 2003, Liat has been dividing her time between her creative passions of teaching art through paper maché and mixed media, teaching drawing and painting, and creating her own art and colorful illustrations for children’s books.

You can see her artwork and contact her on her Website at