C. Evenfall

WCMs-Kindle Cover C. Evenfall grew up in a small fishing village in Eastern North Carolina. The rural community was rich with history, ghost stories and mysterious phenomenon; all fodder for the vivid imaginings of a young girl. She began “collecting” stories at a young age.

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Evenfall’s interest with the paranormal, sparked by a personal experience, began when she was very young. The first occurrence took place when she was age six. C. remembers a mysterious voice that called her name from the woods near the family home. The phenomenon, witnessed by several different family members, occurred for years and only stopped after she grew up and left home.

C. remembers hearing adults talk as her parents and others tried to find an explanation. Some suggested that it was a portend of bad things to come and that maybe it meant she would not live to reach adulthood. Others thought that it might mean that she was sensitive to the spirit world and that some entity was just trying to make contact. As young as she was when it began, she really was not afraid of it, but learning of her parent’s fear changed all of that. She began to dread the singsong sound of her name being called from the woods and always stayed close to the house.

The “calling” typically occurred in the evening hours, just about dusk but there were several instances when it occurred at other times of the day. Sometimes a year would pass between incidents and she would almost forget about it only to hear it again, suddenly and unexpectedly.

When C. was a teenager, she became more and more interested in the source of that ghostly voice. She recalls that her fear lessened over time and was replaced with intense curiosity. At aged fourteen, she crossed the field that separated her house from the woods and sat down to wait, hoping it would speak to her…but it did not.WCMg-KindleCover

Evenfall married and left home right after high school and never heard the voice again. As the years passed and she raised three children of her own, the ghostly voice became a distant memory. She still had a strong attraction to the unexplained and read everything she could find on the subject.

WCMf-KindleCoverHer interest in the paranormal and her love for old family ghost stories she heard as a child inspired her to write several paranormal short stories. She saw these events as important parts of the lives and history of people she loved and wanted to record them the way they were told. She hoped by doing so, she could preserve them for the future generations of her family.

In 2014, her adult daughters, tremendous fans of these old tales, encouraged her to write a collection of paranormal novellas. C. drew upon her own encounters and local legend for the stimulus and development of The Wraith of Carter’s Mill series.

She still wonders from time to time who or what called her name from the woods on Hill Lane when she was a child. Today, she spends a lot of time in the forest, connecting with nature. Her ear is ever trained to hear that voice one last time and hopefully learn why the specter called to her.

C. Evenfall resides on the Carolina Coast with her husband, a self-proclaimed skeptic. She loves him anyway and the two complement each other perfectly.

Author’s Media Kit (PDF: 11 pgs.)

Sensitives is the 1st novella in The Wraith … series.
The Guardians is the 2nd novella in The Wraith … series.
The Forgotten is the 3rd novella in The Wraith … series.
Carter’s Mill is the 4th novella in The Wraith … series and is available only in the anthology titled The Wraith of Carter’s Mill.