Kef Hollenbach

AuthorImage-KHKef Hollenbach was born and raised in Kentucky. He received his first Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville with perhaps the lowest acceptable grade point average in the university’s history.

Going into business management after graduation yielded an eclectic set of experiences, particularly after moving 8 times in his first 7 years of marriage!

After returning to Louisville, Kentucky he and his wife had a son and daughter, he was markedly successful in two business ventures and unexpectedly unsuccessful with two other businesses. Over several decades Kef has experienced a work life ranging from production worker to mid-level management to business owner.

With the advent of the Internet, and encouragement from his wife, Kef went back to school achieving two other degrees with Summa Cum Laude honors. (His parents were very pleasantly surprised.)

Kef revels in learning new things and visiting new places. With a strong propensity for sharing, he strives to weave his experiences and what he has learned into all of his writing.