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Born in Louisville, Kentucky,photo of Karl F Hollenbach in 1925, Karl F. Hollenbach graduated from a local public high school in 1943 as a major in the junior ROTC. Entering the army on Christmas Eve that same year, he served as a sergeant in World War II with the U.S. Engineers. Assigned to the Seventh Army he crossed the Rhine River into Germany, ending up in Austria at the end of the European war.

He attended Biarritz American University, Purdue University, the University of Kentucky and earned a Masters of Education degree and Rank I in education from the University of Louisville. After 20 years in business as a sales representative, manager, and owner-operator of several retail stores, he made a career change to education.

During the next 18 years, he taught in the Louisville, Kentucky public schools and the Hardin County Catholic school system. After the merger of two of the largest Kentucky public school systems, Karl served as a consultant to the Jefferson County school system and was a lecturer/coordinator of student teachers at the University of Louisville, School of Education.

A student of esoteric studies for over 50 years, he is a member of the Rosicrucian Order, Self-Realization Fellowship and the Association for Research and Enlightenment. He has lectured on esoteric subjects in a dozen cities, and his metaphysical articles have been published in Japan and England as well as the United States.

Karl is the author of six (6) books of fiction and is working on two (2) future titles:

  1. A Journey To The Four Kingdoms: Ebook or paperback. Winner of a Reader’s Favorite Finalist Award 2013 for Children’s Fantasy!                                                 Join the young Prince Royal, Pid, in his fabled quest to discover the Great Secret with the help of Firebreather, his toy dragon and true friend.
  2. Scrooge and Marley: Ebook or Paperback.  Winner of two (2) Readers’ Favorite Finalist Awards 2014; in Historical/Personage category and the Fiction/Drama category!                                                                                                                        A fictional expansion on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol relating how Marley rectifies past actions to release himself from the linked chain of past deeds, in turn freeing Scrooge also.
  3. The Great Hawk: Ebook or paperback. A fictional story in which a young boy discovers that attempting to control nature leads to serious problems.
  4. Five Plays From the Gospels: Ebook or paperback. Five one-act plays reflecting Jesus’s message of the Kingdom of Heaven being here, now, and found within. (Pub. note: The author offers the paperback in 8.5×11 formatted to be used as play scripts.  See the copyright page for royalty-free permissions.)
  5. Thrice Told Tales: Ebook or paperback. An expansion and re-telling of old children’s folk tales from around the world with added narrative connecting with readers to illustrate the lesson. Capturing the imagination and delivering a message, Karl F. Hollenbach’s adaptations will be cherished by generation after generation.                  Thrice Told Tales: Large Print Edition is also available as an ebook or paperback.
  6. The Righteous Rogue: Ebook or paperback. The Righteous Rogue is the heroic and historical erotic take of Eugene; a nobleman by birth who prevails over his humble beginnings as the unwanted fruit of a forbidden love.Though Eugene is a promising and honorable young man, he is not without his flaws and shortcomings, in particular, his weakness for the feminine form. However, it is not in spite of these flaws that he finds his true calling.
  7. Holy Ground: Ebook or paperback. Attorney David Crist’s uncle implores him to come to Holy Ground, his uncle’s farm. When David arrives the next morning, his uncle, and aunt are missing, although all the windows and screen doors are locked from the inside. Events that occur during the Civil War in 1862 explain their disappearance.

He has also authored six (6) books of non-fiction:

  1. Handbook-Applying Metaphysical Principles In Teaching: Ebook or paperback. A quick overview of the correspondence of many esoteric issues and how-to apply the principles in order to better engage students or anyone you are teaching.
  2. Mansions of the Moon (formerly titled Ericius)Ebook or paperback. An examination of the archetypal twenty (28) which appears across cultures in history, architecture, literature and myths.
  3. Anecdotes And Special Notes: Ebook or paperback. Personal encounters and remembrances by the author spanning over 70 years from the 1930’s to after the turn of the century
  4. Francis Rosicross: Ebook or paperback. Second edition with an Index. Evidence that ‘Shaks-pere’ was the pseudonym of Sir Francis Bacon.
  5. Patton: Many Lives, Many Battles: Ebook or paperback. Analysis and commentary on General George S. Patton, Jr.’s belief in reincarnation.
  6. H-0945, A Common Soldier’s Story OF World War II: Ebook or paperback. A recounting from induction into the U.S. Army, near the end of World War II, through training, deployment to Europe, and coming home! Contains well-over 40 photographs taken by the author and other soldiers.

Additionally he has written several plays, a book of poetry and has composed over twenty (20) songs. Prodded by his insatiable desire for research and understanding he has rendered ten (10) Shakespearean plays into modern English and has compiled the four Gospels into four-columns per page for ease of comparison.

He lives near Fort Knox, Kentucky on Dunsinane Hill Farm with his artist wife of 63 years, Martha Jean. The 140-acre farm has been in Martha Jean’s family for over 150 years and has been declared a Centennial Farm by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. He and his wife have traveled to Egypt, Greece, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, France, Germany, Great Britain Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, India, and Nepal. They have three (3) children and four (4) grandchildren.

Re-careered (some would say retired) since 1986, Karl has devoted his time to researching, writing, lecturing and managing the family farm.

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