S. Thoman

S.Thoman.AuthorPicture-August, 2013Born on the Atlantic coast, North Carolina, S.Thoman was the oldest of three siblings. She learned a very deep and profound love for the written word from her mother, who taught her to read and write at a young age. She learned the importance of responsibility and self reliance early on in life, and developed a curiosity in many things ranging widely in scope from mechanical skills to psychology.

She began writing poetry when she was a young teenager, and absorbed literary works by Sylvia Plath, Jack Kerouac, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Kurt Vonnegut at an alarming rate. From there she developed a powerful interest in the importance of the short story, and consumed any material she could find that was relevant to the subject. She was something of an annoyance to her English teachers in high school because of her constant need to question and challenge interpretations of classic literature, and was well known amongst her classmates as the “go-to” girl for help with writing assignments.

She came out as a lesbian in high school despite urgings from her family to be discreet. Growing up in a small town, this self discovery created a great deal of discord, and presented a new set of challenges for her. However, she was able to develop a keen sense of who she was, and was able to remain true to herself in the face of adversity and discrimination. She describes the experience as being one of the most formative periods of her life.

In 2011, she met her partner Vicci who has been a constant source of encouragement, patience and strength through the late nights of writing and editing of various works. They currently live in Johnson City, Tennessee with their two children.

Over the last five years she has developed a strong interest in editorial work, and with the help and support of her publisher, has begun working part time as an editor. She writes both fiction and non-fiction works, and continues to also write poetry and short stories in her spare time.


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