Five Plays From The Gospels

Author: Karl F Hollenbach

Five-Plays-From-The-Gospels-coverThese five one-act plays were written to be performed before a Sunday school class or during a church service. “The Wedding Feast at Cana” was performed at St. Andrew United Church of Christ in 2001, and at Brandenburg United Methodist Church in 2006. “The Meeting at Bethany”, “Pilate”, and “The First Easter”, were performed at Brandenburg United Methodist Church during the succeeding three years.

The plot of each play derives from an instance from the Gospels, but is influenced by the frequent comments by Jesus, that he had come to preach the Kingdom of Heaven, and by historical references to Jesus’ travels in India.

The photograph of the living Jesus on page iii replaced the crucified image on the Turin Shroud, with the risen Jesus in color. In like manner, these five plays replace the Christmas and Easter myths about Jesus, with the message of Jesus, that the Kingdom of Heaven, which is here and now and within, should be sought first, it being “The Pearl of Great Price”.