Mansions Of The Moon (Formerly Ericius)


From the seven phases of all cycles, and the four Jungian functions of physical, feeling, thinking and intuition, the mysterious and archetypal twenty-eight is born. It manifests synchronistically across cultures in history, architecture, literature, and myths as twenty-eight separate and distinct phases, characteristics, or personalities.

Corresponding to the Hebrew word Koakh (meaning “power”), the number twenty-eight has been associated with wisdom, and is deeply rooted in quaternary and septenary principles with examples ranging from the plays of Shakespeare to the Aztec calendar, the Circus Maximus in Rome to the game of chess.

With over twenty years of research into the powerful and sometimes elusive nature of the number twenty-eight, Karl F. Hollenbach presents this work with charts and illustrations as well as additional research and examples not published in the previous volume “Ericius.”

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