The Case

TC-PaperbackStandingv01-16.Oct.14The Case, the first novel of author Marc Hirsch, follows Alice White, a hardened legal assistant in 1955 New York City, as she travels upstate to clear her firm’s client of responsibility for the violent death of a doctor in a house he, the client, built.

What at first appears to have been simply an accident caused by the builder’s impatience and negligence turns out to be part of a deadly power play of greed and marital discord. Alice persistently exposes twists and turns, as unseen forces threaten to put a horrific end to her life just as she has begun to thaw.

A Nancy Drew-like mystery for adults!TC-KindleFire

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite:
“Marc Hirsch’s hard-boiled detective mystery, The Case, features a private eye who ranks up there with the best of them. Alice White likes drinking her booze and watching boxing matches at Madison Square Garden, and she loves living in her Italian neighborhood in the Bronx. When we first see her, she’s single-handedly disarming a junkie with a gun, and it’s all done instinctively and with little fanfare.

The time frame of Hirsch’s story is inspired and gives the plot 5star-shiny-lores(Web)
a splendid noir quality. I loved seeing the Bronx through Alice’s eyes. Hirsch writes smoothly and fluidly, and his story grabbed my attention right away. I had a great time reading this detective story and hope to see more of Alice White’s hard-boiled detecting in future stories. The Case is highly recommended.”

The next book in the Alice White, Investigator series will be titled, Hard Case.
Expected publish date in Q3 of 2015.