The Forgotten

WCMf-KindleCoverThe third novella in the The Wraith series.

Shyanne has gone home, and her life is happier than she ever imagined it could be. The family home, restored to its original state, brings Shyanne closer to her roots. Everything changes when her eight-year-old daughter, Melody begins to exhibit strange behaviors. When Melody slips into a strange coma, Shyanne is not convinced the problem is medical.

Visions, dreams and clues from her guardians, take Shyanne deep in the woods to long forgotten Carter’s Mill. Shyanne loses all concept of time and is unaware that she is assumed missing. A search party led by her husband turns up nothing. Drake Monroe will not give up. He is determined to do everything he can to keep his family together.

Meanwhile, Shyanne’s family history unravels. She finally faces the dark entity that has plagued the Carter women for generations. Can she break the curse that threatens to destroy her family before it is too late? Will she fade into the forgotten history of Carter’s Mill?

Available as an ebook on Amazon or as the third novella in the Wraith series in the paperback, The Wraith Of Carter’s Mill.

A (free) preview of The Forgotten is available on CreateSpace, Amazon’s printing company.