The Righteous Rogue

Author: Karl F Hollenbach

The_Righteous_RogueThe Righteous Rogue is the heroic and historical erotic tale of Eugene; a nobleman by birth who prevails over his humble beginnings as the unwanted fruit of a forbidden love and evolves from a youthful militant into a spiritual and peaceful being, that has been touched by the hand of the divine.

Though Eugene is a promising and honorable young man, he is not without his flaws and shortcomings, in particular, his weakness for the feminine form. However, it is not in spite of these flaws that he finds his true calling; rather, it is because of them.

With poignant descriptions and characteristics of an epic adventure, The Righteous Rogue is at times tender, and at others it is gritty with despair from the loss of love, to a discovery that shakes the foundations of Eugene’s moral self, and ultimately leads him to his destiny.

…Some Adult Content…