The Wraith Of Carter’s Mill

The Wraith Of Carter's Mill Front CoverThe Wraith of Carter’s Mill, by C. Evenfall, continues the saga of the Carter women. In addition to the three original tales, Sensitives, The Guardians and The Forgotten, this compilation contains a fourth, shocking novella. Carter’s Mill answers questions about the origin of the wraith and explains its bond to the Carter family. It reveals the shameful truth behind the curse that plagues them.

Zeb, the Carter family patriarch, is a hard, unfeeling man. He runs his thriving sawmill, farm and family with an iron fist. When he commits an enormous act of brutality, he ignorantly brings a terrible curse down upon all his kin. Martha Thompson’s prophecy proves true as the family falls into ruin. The wraith brutally haunts the family.

5star-shiny-lores(Web)Once affluent and strong, the Carter family falls into financial ruin while cryptic illnesses afflict the healthy. They are left with nothing but great loss and sorrow. The curse plagues the Carter women for five generations.

Almost a century after Zeb’s death, a Carter daughter is born with remarkable yet uncanny abilities. It will be up to her to unearth a long buried family secret and set an old wrong back to rights. Will she find a way to lift the curse and banish the accursed wraith that haunts her back to hell? If she fails, she risks losing her own little girl to the dark entity forever. If she fails, the curse will continue its demolition until the last of the Carter family line is gone.

A preview from the first novella, Sensitives, is on CreateSpace – the Amazon printing company. Only five (5) questions at bottom of the preview.The full novella Sensitives is available on Amazon – as a Kindle version only.
The YouTube video for Sensitives is here.

A preview of the second novella, The Guardians, is on CreateSpace. The full novella The Guardians is available on Amazon – as a Kindle version only.
The YouTube video for The Guardians is here.

A preview from the third novella, The Forgotten, has been added in CreateSpace. The full novella The Forgotten is available on Amazon – as a Kindle version only.
The YouTube video for The Forgotten is here.

The fourth novella’s preview is on CreateSpace. The fourth novella, Carter’s Mill, is only in the compilation titled The Wraith Of Carter’s Mill.
This novella is a “bit of a secret” since it has the secret to the curse of The Wraith.

As of the end-of-April The Wraith … is in paperback and Kindle ebook!.
There is a haunting video about The Wraith Of Carter’s Mill, right here.

Contact the author, C. Evenfall, on Facebook.    (Psst, tell her “wraith” is mis-spelled in the first question of Sensitives preview. :)